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Importance of Living in a Community That is Gated

A gated community is a type of residence that has a wall surrounding the houses that are built within the building. In most of the cases, the cost of living in a gated community is high but in most of the instances, it often tags along with many benefits. Due to these many advantages associated with living in a gated community, a lot of people would prefer to reside in a gated community. It is crucial that one take a look at some of the outlined importance in order to understand why one would prefer living in a gated community rather than the other options.

Firstly, let us take a look at the security factor. In most instances, the security factor is the first consideration for one to take a look at when in search of a good residence. This is as a result of the many advantages associated to have good security. For example, everyone living in a place with good security, often have peace of mind. The security in the gated community is good for the reason that the gate is always manned or have electronic security access. Thus limiting the number of people getting into the residence. Also, having one gate to exit through and to enter through often limit the number of people getting in. This is also accompanied by the fact the residence is walled therefore limiting the people accessing the residence.

The privacy that is associated with one living in a gated community is the second factor to take a look at. This is essential as many people appreciate the value of privacy. In a gated community, the privacy is enhanced in that, every house has its own compound. In this regard, one is able to decide who to get into their space and who is not allowed.

Creation of a sense of community is the gated community is the last factor to take a look at. The activities that are common to the member is residents in the gated community are there. Such as the golf club that can be found in some of the gated communities. With such a club, people within the golf club are able to meet and exchange pleasantries. Creation of a bond through having such activities for the interested residents is enhanced. In these cases, the sense of residents in the gated community living as one big community is enhanced thus acting as a benefit to every resident in the particular gated community.

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